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Now I understand that this is currently WIP. But the first thing I notice is that the Home Page, doesn't look like a Home Page. I'm only able to tell by looking at active-tab on the navigation. I would like to see some type of call-to-action center piece which will be the main area of focus. Since this idea is for a Logo Factory, then possibly add a few logos. If you don't have any logos, then you can reserve an area for them.

Second thing I notice is the overall layout of the design. It looks like this design is a 2 Column Fluid Layout. If you are to do this, keep in mind that your text and other "columns" in your layout will be expanding/contracting based on the browsers window size. This means that elements in your design will have to be designed with the idea that it can stretch anywhere from 50% to 100% (random numbers used for example). This also means that body text will be expanding. You will want to keep about 9-15 words per line. -- Another option is to design this with a Fixed Layout. All widths are fixed so designing is a little easier.

I noticed that the text in the paragraphs is not web-safe font. I would strongly recommend using a font that is web-safe such as Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif. Google for web-safe fonts to use in your body text. This also applies for the text inside the search bar. - - Also, it looks like you used Helvetica Neue Extended for your navigation which is fine. There are methods in which you can use other fonts and are OK to use, as long as they are not part of your paragraph text in your body.

Also when designing, think of yourself as the user who is going to visit this site that you're designing. Guide the user eyes by placing areas of focus by order of importance. Such as imagery, call to action buttons, navigation.

I hope this critique helps. It's a great start, everything looks sharp at this point.
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VSConcepts Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Oh thank you sooo much man... I was really needing some insight as to what I was doing and how to improve! :nod:
Further Inquiry:
1. I love the font on the tabs, could it work if those were separate images and so the font would be readable regardless?
You're right though, I totally didn't think about the font I was using in that main body...

2. For a utilitarian website, how necessary is a supremely attractive front page? I barely pay attention to them when I'm browsing. I want to get to the meat, which would be the product or service. Still... I did slack quite a bit on the front. I guess I should add a nice "Home" page...

3. Are my Page tabs and Search button attractive?

4. Ahh... Columns. What I'm getting from your critique is that I need more empty space in there to allow for expansion and contraction to occur. Yes, I was thinking double column. Column Left was intended to be for text, occupying about 60-65% of the space. Column right was intended for product images, occupying about 30-35% of the space.. If I'm understanding you, I should reduce the text column by about... Half? To give room for that expansion?
Again, I truly thank you for the input. I value any insights you have. Thank you for taking the time to consider the work, and give me a nice and in-depth critique! :dalove:
marioluevanos Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
The font in the navigation can be used as images. But just keep in mind that if you ever need to change the navigation, you'll have to produce another image. As opposed to having a "text" based navigation where changes can be done through HTML code.

Right now the home page looks too blank. It needs a little more visual information to explain what is going on. You will want to make it obvious what the site is about. And also, avoid the user from thinking too much. Whatever your goal is, use (Imagery/Graphics, Bold Headlines, buttons, etc.) to guide the user through your website. It feels like the navigation is overpowering your headings... increase the font size to add some hierarchy. A good example that does this is Apple's website.

The tabs on the navigation look fine to me, they're simple. The search bar feels a little too long.

Since you are working with a Fluid Layout, it's going to be a challenge to maintain even "white space" around your design. As you noted, keeping one column at 60-65% on one side and 30-35% on the other is fine. This will always be the sizes of the column at any browser window size. From usability aspect, reading a line of text that is too long can be rough to the eye. One solution is to split the text into two columns. (that would be inside of the 60-65% left column)

Hope all this makes sense :handshake:
VSConcepts Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
That does make sense! :nod:


You sir, are awesome, with an extra side - of awesome.
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